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"I'm just a red shirt hoping to get his own ship someday."

Hank Peña

- Boston-born Spanish/Costa Rican hybrid. 

- Team player, with life experience, and a track record for meeting deadlines. Works well under pressure. Batteries included.

- Former everything. (Radio imaging writer, Public Insurance Adjuster, professional musician, truck driver, etc.)

- Pop culture veal raised on Marvel, D.C., Godzilla, zombies, Star Wars, U2, Dungeons & Dragons, BNL, Guardians of the Flame books, G.I. Joe, network TV, GnR, HBO, video games, The West Wing, Star Trek, etc...

- Grateful husband, father of 2 beautiful young ladies, 1 cat, and 2 G-pigs.

- Traveler with fond memories of Spain, France,  Canada, Puerto Rico, and across the U.S.A.

- Currently the holder of a Class A CDL, SCUBA instructor’s license, and a MA pesticide applicator’s license. (I lied about the SCUBA thing.)

- Screenwriter with a deep interest in action/adventure, science fiction, superheroes, and undead horror.


Features, shorts, and pilots.

The Price of Camelot 

When part of modern-day Boston is magically transported into the medieval past, a terrified slacker must find the courage to set things right.

The Bunker

As certain doom approaches, Ray (an obsessive survivalist with a shattered marriage) must choose whom to allow into his survival bunker. 

In The End 

An alien lawman uncovers illegal corporate activity during the premier of a found-footage documentary depicting the end of the human race in an undead apocalypse.

War Clan

Being a hero turns out to be a family thing in this Latino-centric meta-human adventure!

Hearts in Purgatory

The laws of Heaven and Hell are tested when a love triangle develops in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.


A man’s discovery of dream control becomes a nightmare when his dreams threaten to trap him in his own mind forever.

Broken Raven 

A survival instructor, driven nearly suicidal by grief, accepts a mission to documents his escape from an undead-infested area.

Human Wreckage

An injured race car driver finds a new lease on life in a town obsessed with demolition derby.

The Letter


A Broken home mends a shattered life when a widow befriends the daughter of a divorced innkeeper.


(Short )

A flawed parent tries to convert her Atheist son in the moments before the end of the world.

Universal Zoo


Two dedicated alien researchers fight to keep the location of Earth, and it’s gastronomic wonders, secret from a nefarious collector.

O.E.M. (Office of Emergency Management)


Fearing the possibility of seeming weak, the first Latina President creates a special emergency response team to “triage” disasters.


Screenwriting - Radio imaging - Online content - Marketing 


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